Julien Flaig

Health economic modeling and numerical simulation

Ongoing projects

Antimicrobial empirical therapies and drug resistance

Artificial intelligence methods and in silico clinical trials to optimize empirical antimicrobial prescriptions in health care facilities. Methods based on numerical simulations of the spread of nosocomial infections. Working papers: optimization based on surveillance data. With Nicolas Houy.

Epidemics and individual behavior

COVID-19 pandemic: models of individual behaviors under lockdown and their epidemiological consequences.

Vaccination behavior: infectious disease models featuring individual vaccination decisions. Investigation of vaccination refusal and hesitancy. Evaluation of vaccination policies.

With Nicolas Houy and Philippe Michel.

Evolutionary game theory

Evolutionary accounts of cooperative behaviors between self-interested individuals. Working paper: Random tags can sustain high heterophily levels. With Nicolas Houy.



PhD thesis

A simulation based approach to individual vaccination behavior.
Université de Lyon, 2018.